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Native Plant Resources

There are so many resources, books, and helpful websites that can guide your native plant journey. Find regional guides, explore our native plant library, and find nurseries below.

Native Plant Library

Our native plant library is a photo-filled way to find inspiration and resources for individual plants.

Regional Quick Guides

Get easy inspiration for your region with our area-specific native plant guides. Find your area and get planting!

Butterfly + Bird Resources

We made it simple with butterfly and hummingbird planting guides! Make sure you’ve got a good zoom lens…

Native Plant Societies, by State

There are native plant societies in almost every state and every Canadian province. Societies are great ways to find and buy native plants; they often have plant sales in the spring and fall.

Native Gardening Books

The Plant Native is researched and inspired by 100+ native plant books—here are our favorites!

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