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Best native plants for Mid-Atlantic gardens

Do you live in the Mid-Atlantic area—Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, or D.C.— and want to start a native plant garden? Here is the garden inspiration you were looking for! These native flowers, shrubs, and trees are easy to find, easy to plant, and will look stunning in your garden.

What is a native plant?

A native plant is a plant that has grown in a region for thousands of years. Every drought, storm, blizzard, and heat wave they have lived through. These plants’ DNA is made to thrive in your yard with minimal care. Thousands of plants are native to the Mid-Atlantic area! 

Why plant native in the Mid-Atlantic?

There are three big reasons to plant native:

  1. Native plants give bugs, birds, and butterflies the food and homes they need
  2. Planting native lets you be a lazy gardener: they rarely require water besides rain once they are established
  3. Native plants are gorgeous: your neighborhood or yard will look incredible

Now that we have a few reasons why planting native is worth it, let’s meet some flowers, shrubs, and trees that are yard-worthy.

Native flowers for Mid-Atlantic gardens

Any of these native flowers gives food to butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators. Pick a few flowers from each season, so pollinators and wildlife always have something to eat (and you always have something to look at!)

Native Plants for the spring

Heuchera 'Green-Spice' by Patrick Standish
Alum Root (Heuchera)
Celandine Poppy
Creeping Phlox
False Blue Indigo
Golden Alexander
Red Columbine

Native flowers for the summer

Native flowers for the late summer and fall

Native shrubs for Mid-Atlantic gardens

These native shrubs are made for Mid-Atlantic weather, seasons, and sunshine.

Native statement trees for Mid-Atlantic gardens

Looking for a statement tree for Mid-Atlantic landscapes? Try any of these beauties:

Plant all these plants together for a stunning native garden

Obedient plant + black-eyed susan + rattlesnake master = instant amazing garden

All the plants here look amazing in Mid-Atlantic gardens! Almost every one of these plants is also a perennial, meaning they will come back year after year looking better than ever.

Every one of these plants is easy to grow. After their first year being established, each of these flowers will come back year after year and require nothing fancy to keep going besides rain.

Planting native plants ensures our gardens look amazing and our water bills stay low. You don’t have to have a botany degree to have a garden! Plant these easy natives and enjoy a gorgeous Mid-Atlantic yard all year long.

Online native plant sellers in the Mid-Atlantic

Looking to start your garden by shopping online? We got you. Here are some stellar Mid-Atlantic online resources for native plants:

Local blooms, fewer glooms

Try to find plants and seeds from within 800 miles of where you live.

Plants and seeds from within 800 miles are best suited for your weather, water, and sunshine. This also fosters cross-pollination among locally grown plants, enhancing the resilience of seeds and plants for generations to come. Stay local for a happy garden!

Planting native in the Mid-Atlantic is such an easy way to bring wildlife and beauty to our landscapes with minimal work (especially compared to lawns!) Native plants have thrived in our area without any human intervention for thousands of years. After they are established, all they need is rain to thrive. Spend a few hours planting native and enjoy years of watching hummingbirds, butterflies, and birds flourish.