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Places to Order Native Plants Online

Wondering where to find native plants and seeds online? We’ve put together a quick and easy list of online native plant sources (organized by region) so you can find some plants and get planting. Scroll on for some online native plant-sourcing ideas.

What makes a plant native?

Native plants are plants that have grown in an area completely unaided by humans for thousands of years. Every weather event, season, and soil specificity their DNA knows intimately—this knowledge gives them incredible resiliency.

Native plants are also the preferred food and habitat for wildlife, including iconic, beloved animals like hummingbirds, songbirds, and butterflies. Native plants are always the best choices for our gardens.

But the reality is—

Native plants can be hard to find

Sadly, native plants represent the minority of plant sales in America. Approximately 25% of plants sold in the United States are native plants. We’ve written about why native plants can be difficult to find in another article (we partly blame Versailles).

You will often show up to your local nursery—and especially a big box store—and come away empty-handed if you’re looking to plant native. (This is especially true if you’re not into cultivars.) For many plant nurseries, few true native plants are regularly stocked unless you’re visiting a native-focused shop.

Ordering online makes finding native plants much easier

Thank goodness for the internet—it makes finding native plants and seeds much easier. Below, you’ll find an ever-expanding list of online sources where you can find native plants. 

Before we dig into the list, we want to mention a tip for online plant shopping…

Local blooms, fewer glooms

Try to find plants and seeds from within 800 miles of where you live.

Plants and seeds from within 800 miles are best suited for your weather, water, and sunshine. This also fosters cross-pollination among locally grown plants, enhancing the resilience of seeds and plants for generations to come. Stay local for a happy garden!

The 800-mile recommendation is why we’ve organized online native plant sellers into regions. (The shorthand name for this is a plant’s provenance.)

Find your region below and explore.

Online native plant sources, organized by region

Note: Please check to make sure online sellers are still operational! Small businesses can disappear or change selling policies quickly.

Table of Contents


California online seed and plant sellers:


Mid-Atlantic online seed and plant sellers:


Midwest online seed and plant sellers:


Northeast online seed and plant sellers:


Northwest online seed and plant sellers:


Southern online seed and plant sellers:


Southwest online seed and plant sellers (including Texas):

Did we miss one?

We probably did! Email us at [email protected] and let us know who we missed. We will continually update this list to ensure it’s current and helpful.

And now you know the advantages of 800-mile provenance, and hopefully met a few new online native plant resources to explore. Many of these online sellers also have physical store locations; add them to your next road trip itinerary. Check out our other resources which include native plant books and a list of the native plant societies in the United States and Canada (meet your people!) Happy online shopping and happy planting!