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Virginia Sweetspire


What a beautiful shrub! Long, trailing arches of white flowers appear in the spring / early summer, paired beautifully with dark green leaves. In the fall, the leaves turn dramatic shades of purple and red. Virginia Sweetspire is great for borders and edges since it doesn’t get too tall (3-6′ in both height and width.) Scroll on for landscaping tips and pairing ideas.

Full Sun – Part Shade
3-6′ tall and wide
Long-time flowers from spring to summer
Itea virginica
Virginia Sweetspire is not too tall, and just wide enough to be a perfect pairing for other native plants

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Explore the history, types, and where to plant native Virginia Sweetspire

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Where should I plant Virginia Sweetspire?

Virginia Sweetspire is a great native plant because it can thrive in many environments. To keep it happy, here are some tips for growing:

Virginia Sweetspire likes consistent water

Virginia Sweetspire is a native shrub found along wetlands and stream banks in North America. To mimic this environment, plant in an area that gets consistent water but isn’t too waterlogged. Having some drainage is key to helping it thrive.

Full sun to part shade works well

Virginia Sweetspire is an extremely versatile native shrub, thriving in both full sun and partial shade, making it an ideal choice for various garden settings and beginning gardeners.

In the fall, Virginia Sweetspire's leaves turn deep shades of bronze red
Virginia Sweetspire is happily planted in so many places! Map from the USDA

Where is Virginia Sweetspire native?

Virginia Sweetspire is native to a wide swath of the United States, from Pennsylvania south to Florida, and west to Texas.

What are good pairings for Virginia Sweetspire?

Other native plants that pair well with Virginia Sweetspire include Buttonbush, asters, dogwood trees, and American Beautyberry.


American Beautyberry






Culver’s Root


False Blue Indigo


Oakleaf Hydrangea

And know you know how and where to plant Virginia Sweetspire! This stellar native plant is a beautiful, resilient addition to any garden. Since it’s so pretty, it’s well worth a high-profile place: against homes, entryways, or woodland-inspired landscapes. Happy planting!

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